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Startup Design Services

From a MVPs to full-scale products, we partner with you to help brand, design, prototype, develop and market your product.


Startup Branding Services

We bring to life your product visually, as well, we help define its voice to properly reach its target audience, breeding brand advocacy and securing its market.


Startup Design Services

We help create a unique overall digital user experience leveraging our industry leading UX, UI, and Prototyping team.


Startup Development Services

Whether its a Mobile Native App or a complex Web Platform, our team leverages the latest platforms and frameworks to deliver a fast, secure and reliable product.


Startup Marketing Services

We help define the right audience, map out the best ways to engage them and strategize the proper plan to convert them.

What our Clients are Saying

  • Crafted was able to nail down a great logo for MusicFolio. They even helped me out with a strong tagline and creative writing throughout the app and marketing website.

    startup-design-nyc-bryan-wethington- Bryan Wethington, Founder & CEO of MusicFolio

  • Communication with Crafted was fantastic, and the whole team was very attentive to our details and requests throughout the design and development process.

    startup-design-nyc-gaurav-mirchandani-Gaurav Mirchandani, Founder, One Paper Lane

Designing a Successful
Startup App or Platform



The first step in the startup process is always learning and understanding your new venture. We’ll take the necessary steps to fully understand your goals, target your market and desired outcomes. At this point, we’ve already fallen in love with your idea and we see ourselves as a dedicated partner, diligently working towards bringing your idea to life.


2. Branding & Strategy

Once we’ve learned all there is to know, we’ll help you create your image. Every product and platform needs a personality and we know just how to express it for you. Determining the right audience, voice, visual aesthetics and general tone, we’ll cover all aspects of your branding needs from digital, print, all the way to some killer schwagg.


3. Information Architecture

Now that things are really beginning to take shape, it’s time to devise a go-to-market plan. As we nail down the right channels and devices for your brand, we’ll begin to architect functionality, platform specifics and brand awareness opportunities.


4. Design & Art Direction

Making your idea as beautiful as possible is our passion. We don’t call ourselves Crafted for nothing. We get our creative juices flowing through some nifty user experience wireframes, detailing the structure of the entire flow. Everything we design is completely responsive and fit for all sizes and shaped screens. Our design process is a flexible one. We’ll review all steps of the process with you and refine or revise until we have your approval.


5. Prototyping

Before we begin coding our butts off, we like to make a beta of your experience by leveraging prototyping platforms that allow us to put the user experience to the ultimate test. Placing your working design demo in the hands of your sample audience gives us valuable insight on how things are panning out.


6. Development

After your spectacular design is ready, it’s time to develop it. We always let the design do the talking; it’s not really our thing to allow a template to give us barking orders. With that said, we build around our creativity, establishing a structure that takes on the look and feel of our designs, without compromising the initial vision we established together.


7. Launch

3, 2, 1, lift off. Once everyone is thrilled with the outcome and ready to share what we’ve created together, we’ll show it to the world. Throughout this phase, we’ll stick with you, helping you along the way to make sure everything is running well on all cylinders.


8. Marketing

Now that we’ve launched, it’s time to get the word out there. A smart, strategic media plan goes a long way. From SEO to social media, we’ll attack the market where it’s most relevant to your brand as we closely monitor the results of the campaign.

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Our website development team will provide state of the art, cutting edge technology & best practices, that are aimed at addressing all our client’s challenges and business goals.

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