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We are a Mobile-first, Design-first agency

We understand we have become an on the go society and have multiple devices, all with unique screen sizes. The times of having dimension specific online experiences is gone. We embrace this in everything we do, that is why all our solutions start with a mobile-first approach and are all platform and template agnostic.

Responsive Solutions

Designs optimized
for every screen

Why have multiple sites, when you can have one design that is optimized for every screen? Here are some featured exemplary examples of our Responsive Website Designs.



Our featured responsive website design is built with a mobile first website design philosophy. Mobile usage accounts for 70% of website traffic in the US, therefore we want to make sure your websites experience is designed with a mobile first approach, ensuring all experiences on your website are optimized for each device and screen size.



Today, shopping in-store is quickly becoming a thing of the past and more and more of those transactions are happening on different screens. It’s time to adapt to the times and develop a responsive website optimized for online shopping. With our featured responsive website designs, your brand will have a fully developed website that is designed to handle high levels of traffic and sales.


When it comes to any product or website design that we produce, we firmly believe in our fluid framework development. Our team of experts spends countless hours researching and developing the most advanced forms of technology in order to provide you with the best website designs and solutions to handle any situation.

What our Clients are Saying

  • “Always a pleasure to work with Crafted. I have great respect for their creative opinion and I really enjoy growing my business alongside their talented team.

    gaurav-mirchandani-opl-client–CEO of One Paper Lane

    Responsive Website Design Services

    Fluid approach to success

    When is comes to your online presence, we understand first impressions are key, therefore all of our designs start with a mobile-first approach to assure all interactions, flows and functionalities are optimized for any device.



    The first step towards launching your business is to develop a proper and fitted digital strategy. Given the digital age we live in today, it’s imperative to define your brand and its goals. From here, our team of experts will help you establish exactly what direction you need to go in. From a responsive website design approach, we want to understand our audience, analyze the analytics, and then design to meets those needs.



    One of the most important aspects of responsive website design is the user experience. We take pride in our easy-to-use and simple responsive website designs. When it comes to user engagement, we always propose and implemented best of use solutions that are intuitive, cross-browser optimized and device agnostic.



    It’s essential to develop a proper aesthetic that will attract and appeal to your audience. Our talented designers, art directors and creative directors will help bring your brand to life with engaging imagery, an appealing color palette, iconography and establish an own-able online brand aesthetic to help your brand stand out from the competition.



    With a beautiful looking website and brand, the next step is to focus on developmental. What this means is enhancing and optimizing your website for search engines while also optimizing your content for distribution and device optimization to assure we are meeting page loads and adhering to best practices. With our development team on your side, we will provide you with leading-edge technology, ensuring an optimized, secure and efficient responsive website experience.



    It’s exciting to launch a website; however, there is still one more step. It’s essential to do a quality assurance check to insure your website is ready across the board. This includes a coding test, potential exploits, compatibility testing, and so much more. Don’t launch your website without having our team do a thorough quality assurance check across all devices and browser iterations.



    Once your product and website is officially live, it’s time to optimize your content, website and begin the marketing process. This means creating a dedicated digital marketing plan that is designed to drive new customers, grow subscribers, and drive sales. With our featured responsive website design team managing your website needs, we can make sure all your growing business needs are met in a timely manner.

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