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10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In Video Production

Video Production

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In Video Production

October 31, 2019

Corporate video production is a new marketing strategy that has proved incredibly beneficial to many businesses, both big and small. A well-made corporate video can beautifully depict the story of your company and acts as a much better promotion tool in many situations.

Yet, many growing corporates are skeptical about using video since it is quite expensive when compared to most other forms of marketing. You must hire an excellent production team, and you’ll probably also need models for the video and space for the shooting. A lot is at stake if the video marketing campaign doesn’t go right.

But most of the time, the expenditure is very much worth it. Video marketing is one of the most versatile and engrossing digital marketing tools if created well. So if you are still in doubt whether or not you should invest in corporate video production, here are ten reasons why you should totally go for it.

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Capturing people’s attention

From all we know, people certainly love watching videos. They either watch them because they like such dynamic content or just enjoy scoffing at them. But in any case, ideas usually do not go unnoticed.

So there cannot be a better marketing tool for your business than a well-directed video ad. People would prefer this any day over a long story about your business in print. Moreover, if shot well, it will definitely convert those views into sales.

Telling your story to the world

Telling people about your business’s background could generate more interest in your product among them. But how can your story reach millions of people worldwide without boring them?

People usually do not have the patience to read through an article or a blog post on your website. But they generally would not mind watching a video for a few seconds. Through a video ad, you can let your story reach your prospective customer base.

You can include your entire product or service lineup in one short video, which may not be possible in print ads or with other marketing tools.

Great for your SEO too

Videos that are well made can help you get better rankings in search engine results. Uploading a video ad to your website makes visitors spend more time on your site, which in turn is a signal to search engines that your website has good content. As a result, your search engine rankings improve. So, in summary, a video ad could work as an effective SEO tool for your website.

But for this, your video has to be optimized. The titles and descriptions should be relevant for better SEO. Furthermore, for your YouTube videos, remember to add a backlink to your website so that viewers can find you.


Mobile-friendly advertising

People spend the majority of their time watching videos on their mobile phones, whether on the go or sitting idle. Sneaking in your corporate video into their feed could be a great marketing move for your business. This would impact prospective customers better compared to a typical ad while scrolling through their feed.

Most of us tend to skip over ads without even noticing, but videos generally make us stop and look at least. And if the video is made well, it can prove to be quite entertaining on the go.


Videos are usually a great tool for explaining difficult concepts. Visual aids have always been better at describing things than text or words. So you can easily convey how your products work or what your services are with the help of visual aids in a video ad.

The current trend also involves animation to simplify things, which can be equally entertaining.

A more convincing call to action

A call to action in a video can prove more effective than on a print ad. If the video ad is well made, the call to action in the voice over can lead to a lot more conversions. The content should be credible and high quality, though, for this to work in the first place.

Convincing customer testimonials

A promotional video also gives you the opportunity to include customer testimonials in your ad. Feedback from buyers directly is an excellent way of building trust and winning over a more extensive customer base.

When existing customers themselves express their satisfaction with your product or service in the promotional video, people are bound to believe that your brand is worthy of praise.

An insight into your business

A promotional video allows you to showcase the processes you adopt and the people who work in the background to make your business a success.

Viewers of the video can thereby gain insights into your business and better understand the dedication and hard work that go into delivering your product and services to them.

More shares on social media

If your video ad is able to stir emotions in the viewer’s mind, there are higher chances of getting Facebook or Instagram shares. Print ads, no matter how emotional or convincing, fail to do so.

Video ads don’t even feel like promotional content when made well. They may be crafted like a short film that people find relatable and can still promote your brand. And this kind of content has the capacity to go viral in no time these days.

Return on investment

Making a good video campaign indeed involves huge costs, but the return on investment is also quite promising. Most businesses who have tried marketing through video ads say that they received promising returns on their investment, and the cost was absolutely worth it.

In fact, if you are a small business owner and know a little bit about video production and editing, all you need is a brilliant idea for content to create a video ad on your own. Remember that in video marketing, content is much more important than quality.

Video Production

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