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July 20, 2017

One of the best ways to catch the eye of a potential customer or an investor is to use a demo video during the sales pitch. Crafted NYC is a specialized video production and videography services provider with extensive experience working with companies across industries. We have worked with clients of varying profiles and have helped them design and shoot compelling demo videos for their products and/or services.

All the demo videos we create in our Crafted NYC office are brainstormed, developed, shot and implemented by our in-house team of writers, videographers and editors. Take a look at our video gallery to see some samples of the demo videos we have created in the past. Contact us if you’d like our assistance in creating stunning demo videos for your business.

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Tap into the pulse of your market with inspiring demo videos

Demo videos are one of the best tools for companies (start-ups in particular) to educate potential customers about the existence of their products or services. The best demo videos are those that really and truly understand the pulse of the market and which give shape to the latent needs of the audience in the form of entertaining and instructive videos.

In order to get the best out of a market, it is essential to create a demo video that encapsulates the spirit of the audience in its storyline. It is only when audiences feel an emotional connection to a demo video, do they respond to it favorably and engage in the type of purchasing behavior the company desires.

Crafted NYC is uniquely placed to make this happen. In our experience working with various companies, we have gained an in-depth understanding about the type of demo video content people love to consume. We are also aware about the psychographic factors that encourage potential customers from acting on the demo video’s instructions.

Once you approach us for our demo video production services, our team at Crafted NYC will work with you to create persuasive content that will encourage your audiences to act upon your communication.

Our creations can bring your products to life

A majority of customers hesitate to try a product or service that is new in the market and has few takers. This is where a well-crafted How-To demo video truly has great value. How-to demos can be designed to either provide a cursory overview about a service or give a detailed, step-by-step guide for product usage. How you use it, is up to you. But it’s important to know these videos are extremely powerful.

The team at Crafted can create demo videos in various formats, allowing you to tap into different markets as part of your unique marketing strategy.

Our extensive selection of demo video formats include:

2D & 3D animation

Stick to minimalistic 2D designs or go ahead and test life-like 3D characters in your demo videos. Whether it’s a short story or a compressed concept explanation, 2D & 3D characters can breathe life into your demo videos.


Setting up a service-related website? Take your audience through a step-by-step guide to using your website with our Screencast demo videos. Simple to make and very easy to edit, these videos are very immersive, personal and extremely affordable.

Whiteboard animation

There’s something really enthralling about looking at a whiteboard explanation about a product or service. Extremely versatile, you can use them in your sales pitch or as an introduction about your product or service. Crafted’s highly-experienced artists can draw beautiful whiteboard diagrams, drawings and animations in no time.

Live action

Want to put yourself out for your customers to see? Wish to create a highly-personal video that can help you forge a deeper connection with your audience? Crafted also produces premium-quality live action videos that champion you. In this day and age where relationship building is the secret to a business’ longevity, live-action videos are a great option to choose.

Kinetic typography

When simple voiceovers and creative & colorful transitions meet meaningful and emphatic typography, they have a strong and lasting impact on the viewers. Kinetic typography demo videos are something our NYC staff specialize in. Backed by color and design psychology, our typography videos will help you tap into the psyche of your preferred target market with ease.

Infographic animation

Graphs and statistics have a lasting impact on the viewer. Demo videos with infographic animations are high-impact interest generators. Extremely formal and profession, these videos work brilliantly for B2B companies. Crafted NYC has experience working with both B2C and B2B companies and we can add value to your demo videos.

IOS demos

Need demo videos that can be nested inside widgets and applications within your phone? Crafted’s IOS demo videos are designed to be scaled into mobile devices. Power your social media presence or encourage in-app purchases with our highly-realistic and immersive demo videos.

Character animation

Extremely realistic and heartfelt, demo videos with character animations have a massive emotional appeal for audiences and are excellent when you wish to leave behind a wonderful memory of your product or service in the minds of potential audiences. Our team of writers and storyboard creators can come up with well thought-out, intellectual and empathetic characters who will strike a chord with your audience.

Trust the experts in video production

When it comes to videography, our team at Crafted NYC is highly-qualified and experienced to help you with your videography needs. Our Director and Executive Producer Lucas Chu, leads through example and it is his creative vision that has helped us set up such a dynamic environment that is engaged in creating award-winning videos for businesses of all sizes, from across industries.

The demo videos we create at our NYC office are designed, developed, shot, edited and released with a lot of love and care. We operate a highly collaborative and transparent environment here, in order to give our clients and patrons all the freedom and flexibility they need to be part of our creative process. From concept explanations to product marketing, our demo videos can be designed to cover a wide range of content needs.