Our SEO Services

We look at SEO as a long-term strategy, which allows us to achieve the best rankings in the most sustainable fashion.


National SEO

We’ll help you rank competitively at a national level for the best, most relevant search terms for your business.


Local SEO

Connect with local audiences through our local SEO services, which help get you in front of new customers that are nearby.


Multi-Location SEO

If your business has multiple locations, we can offer SEO services that help you connect with your audience in each unique area.


Branding SEO

SEO and branding are more related than you might think. Because the way search algorithms rank quality impacts your SEO, your branding and authority should tie in to your SEO strategy a very big way.


eCommerce SEO

Get a leg up on the competition in your eCommerce category with smart targeting and relevant SEO for your niche.


WordPress SEO

If your site runs on WordPress and you’re looking for assistance with SEO, look no further. We know all the ins and outs that dramatically improve your website’s performance.


On-site, Off-site Optimization

Our team ensures your website pages, titles, meta tags, content and overall code structure is optimized for your target keywords. We also ensure that you have a significant amount of inbound links from highly respected external websites to develop domain authority.


Landing page creation

From a local SEO perspective, but also from a specific keyword perspective, we want to create perfectly optimized pages that are lead generation machines.. These pages are fine tuned from an SEO perspective to be on topic and optimized for conversions.


Link Building

Our team specialized in custom link building outreach campaigns that acquire high-profile links to your website. Our outreach efforts are strategized to deliver on KPIs and designed to address your business needs.

Our SEO Process

We help define the right strategy for your business' immediate and long term needs.

1. In-Depth Audit

We begin each new project with an in-depth review of current website traffic sources, domain authority, page authority, keyword ranking, pages indexed in Google—and many other attributes.

2. “Why” and “How”

Next, we look at the reasoning behind why and how a client wants to be found for specific keyword phrases, and have a comprehensive conversation about the best way to approach a solution.

3. Strategy

We then formulate a strategy that forecasts future events, milestones, and objectives and establishes clear metrics that will be our baseline upon which we gauge success.

Why Choose Crafted?

Our expertise in the SEO field comes from the constant pursuit of knowledge. As web developers and programmers, we naturally gravitate toward the “how it works” of technology so we can better understand the potential application it can have for our clients.

A well-executed SEO campaign can have a significant impact on a businesses bottom line and outlive almost any other form of marketing and advertising campaign. This is why we take the time to carefully review and research current SEO activities as well as carefully audit our competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for our clients to improve website traffic and visibility.

–Evan Oder, Director of Digital Marketing

With each and every website project or mobile application we develop, the next conversation is always about marketing—which is why we decided to offer a strategic SEO service to help meet the needs of our clients at any stage in the SEO lifecycle. We pride ourselves on being transparent and on having the ability to clearly communicate and demonstrate the SEO strategy we plan to deploy.

How We’re Different

There is no “one size fits all” SEO package. Everything we do is customized based on the client’s goals, current positioning, and resources. We also never say we can do something that we can’t. If we feel that the scope of the project is unlikely to succeed, we will not pursue it.

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and passion for brand positioning. When a company wants to be found for one keyword search term, but not another, we take that feedback very seriously. Keyword intent is a real thing, and we take the time to heavily consider all the potential touch points and ways consumers may encounter our clients’ website.

At Crafted, we also have a specialty in executing “Local SEO” for businesses looking to attract nearby customers. This can work in tandem with other SEO efforts or as a standalone strategy for national and regional brands or retailers with multiple physical locations..

Our primary goal for any SEO project is to increase overall exposure for clients and to drive them the most qualified traffic possible.


Designed and Developed Exclusively in NYC

At Crafted, we take pride at never outsourcing any work overseas. All of our design and development is handled in New York. We believe small teams that work collaboratively with daily in-person interactions are the key to the best mobile app design and development processes.

Featured in Top Interactive Agencies

Crafted is ranked Top Ten Digital Agency in NYC.

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