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We prioritize native app development for all major mobile OS platforms, ensuring the optimal end user experience within a stable, refined and fully defined product.

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Native App Development

From prototype to full-scale platform, we provide you with a dedicated, full-scale mobile app development team specific to your business goals and technical needs.


Native Ios & Android App Development

We believe that native app development is the only approach in the mobile space. Native integration gives your end user a superior experience and provides a more stable, refined final product.


App Content Management Systems

Our custom admin panels are scaled to size but fully rendered and capable of managing all aspects of your mobile app development. We provide custom dashboards to manage and aggregate data and tools to easily manage content, manage and communicate with your mobile-specific users. You lose none of the ability to outsource any data management processes in the mobile development space.


Prototype App Development

Our mobile app development process centers around an agile development methodology. You will receive weekly deliverables fully vetted through user feedback and adjusted according to a continuous improvement standard that gives us a flexible approach in the mobile space.


Mobile App Integrations & Apis

We have a deep understanding of complex software infrastructures and develop our platforms and the APIs needed to properly and safely manage, communicate and integrate highly important and sensitive data between various channels and outside sources. Our mobile app development team implements the highest standards to ensure your platforms run efficiently, effectively process, and securely communicate with outside networks.



Agile Mobile App Development

Our 8 step mobile app development process ensures the integrity of your vision. From beginning to end, we will walk you through every step.


1. Kick-off & Discovery

At the beginning of development, we take the time to gather the details that will make your mobile app unique and relevant: details of your company, your target market, competitive challenges, and the vision for your end goal. This crucial stage lays a strong foundation that we build on during the creation of your mobile app(s).


2. App Development Strategy

Marketing within the mobile space requires a unique strategy. People behave differently on their phones, using apps for different purposes. We will dissect the core functionalities of your app and provide a strategy to define the platforms and APIs we need to achieve your goals.


3. App User Experience

The information gathered during the strategy phase will now be gathered into an actionable plan. Our development and UX teams work closely during this phase to ensure the integrity of technical functions.


4. App Design Process

We test that every strategy we theorize in the steps above is technically achievable. We work out possible process bottlenecks very early to smooth out the execution phase as much as possible.


5. App Coding & Development

After you approve your mobile design prototypes, we code the backbone of your app - all completely native to major mobile operating systems.


6. App Development Quality Assurance

After coding and before launch, we test for optimization. Is your app easy to use? Is the code fully valid? Does your app integrate with other native OS features? We answer these questions here and take your app through our QA process.


7. App Launch

We work closely with the app store reviewers to ensure compliance before launch. Once everything is a go, your app will be on the market!


8. App Optimization

After launch, we stay with you to ensure that our optimization efforts give you the best launch, not just a viable one. We continue to monitor, analyze and report on the progress of your app to ensure this optimization.


How We’re Different


How We're Different

Experience in App Development

We understand how great an opportunity the mobile environment can be. We know how mobile app users consume content in the space, and we base our design process around simplicity, accessibility and user friendliness.

Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps

How We're Different

Integrated Development Process

Our team is close-knit, and we stay hands-on with you throughout the entire mobile design process. Your vision becomes our vision, and we pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity of the creative concept.


How We're Different

We outsource nothing

This is the only way to guarantee 100% of our work. Mobile development requires incredibly precise development and quality assurance, and we ensure you are happy with every step of the process.

Mobile App Development Talk

Stay up to date on all that is app-development, and what's happening in all of our digital endeavors.


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We are the leading app development agency in NYC. We prioritize native mobile app development for all major mobile OS platforms.

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