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City of New Rochelle

Rejuvenating a City

Just a 30 minute train ride from NYC, New Rochelle has become the new destination for young, creative professionals. To usher in the next wave of aspiring Millenials, Crafted was called upon for full campaign work to help the city rebrand itself in an effort to put New Rochelle back on the map.



A complete digital marketing hub houses the city's ongoing campaign to reach your, professional, creative entrepreneurs to its downtown. Within the digital experience, users can learn all about the cultural renaissance through video storytelling, interactive maps and thriving local businesses.

With the most ambitious Westchester County development initiative underway, Crafted scripted and produced a 3D special effects reimagining of the future city, based on approved, detailed development plans and architectural renders.


The digital marketing experience features a Live, Work and Grow overview, with opportunities for all underneath each bucket.


All video, interactive maps and event pages are meticulously designed and developed to be an immersive, clean mobile experience.

Among many videos and digital storytelling produced for the brand, the New Rochelle Anthem captures the essence of the community and culture.


Subway and MTA billboards can be seen throughout New York City and Westchester County, appealing to the young artists and creative professionals looking for the next great place to call home.


Digital billboards in Times Square promote the city on the rise each year around the New Year on 4nd Street.


The social presence of the Ideally New Rochelle brand took on a whole new personality, consisting of digital shorts, compelling posters and even an open contest to win a free luxury apartment for a year in a brand new downtown RXR Realty building!

The contest welcomed artists of all kinds to send in their videos telling everyone why New Rochelle is their ideal place to make themselves.


In addition to the website's brand storytelling, interactive maps and mobile experiences bring to life the current and upcoming featured businesses of the thriving downtown.


The digital maps offer users access across all platforms, browsers and mobile phones.


Crafted even conceptualized and produced street art installations and sculptures based around the brand's iconic NRNY lettering.


Lighting for evening hours was also designed to emphasize the vibrancy and nightlife of the downtown.


Free electric shuttles were designed and produced to offer the community on-demand Uber-like rides to the train station and around downtown.


Digital and print promos were created to support the launch of the branded Ride Circuit green, electric initiative.


The installation of Verizon wifi towers in the downtown also provided opportunities for Crafted to bring the brand storytelling to the streets on vertical video displays and interactive kiosk screens.


Part of the recruitment plan also called for Metro North ad placements. A full photography campaign was shot to produce custom posters that were installed on every car across all three major Hudson Valley commuter lines.


Unique, hard-hitting lines showcase the opportunities and luxuries of living in New Rochelle.


New Rochelle, a place to explore, be creative and feel alive. Just 30 minutes from the heart of New York City.

The "Work Here" brand video portrays local business owners and their lifestyles as they make a living in downtown New Rochelle.

The "Grow Here" video asks community members what they'd like to see in the rising downtown. Notable personalities include MLB Hall of Fame NY Yankee Mariano Rivera and World-renound artist, Charles Fazzino.


Amazing Results

As a continuing partner with the City of New Rochelle, we've been able to help build the future of downtown through award-winning creativity and technology.

  • 30+ New Developments attracted to downtown New Rochelle
  • 10 Million Dollars won through NY State Grants
  • Winner of Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge

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