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Revolt TV

Music News Platform

Sean “P Diddy” Combs and his team at Revolt TV asked Crafted to overhaul their existing site with something more visually and conceptually appealing to today’s Millennials.

A fully responsive, user-generated, collaboration platform was designed to let its young audience express themselves about their favorite artists and content. Users are simultaneously given social tools to author their own news articles on and customize their own viewing experience.



Music Television, With an Edge

The Revolt TV platform brought music artists and their fans together on one user generated, social-heavy public forum.


Culture & Community

Filled with rich content, the culture of every style of music came together as the users united in their love for all things music.

Quick Results

Subscribers Doubled

Within the first two months of the relaunch, subscribers in the Revolt TV community more than doubled as a result of the new and improved user experience.


One Platform, Many Voices

The platform consisted of many facets. News articles, media and social posts were generated by both the official Revolt editorial staff and approved social influencers in the community.



Each category and section of the platform was carefully architected to be seamless on all screen sizes, as today's audience is rapidly moving into a mobile dominated digital approach.


Totally Customizable

As users in the community browse the latest news and music releases, they're given the power to set preferences through dials on the site, such as: genres of music and types of news articles.


Fit to Your Needs

The grid-style design approach easily allows for a flexible experience all around.

Informative AF

This comprehensive home page layout provides a high-level view of initial engagement for users to choose their journey.

Influence in Droves

A New Generation of Influencers

As readership increased, so did the social and organic presence of Revolt TV. Users became brand ambassadors, spreading the word of the revolutionary music platform.


Make It Yours

The on boarding process sets the tone for user preferences as they explore new music, the most recent news and interact with the surrounding community.


Responsive to All

At the end of the day, Revolt TV is a digital community, welcoming to all music enthusiasts and aspiring creatives.


Let's Work Together


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