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August 22, 2017

Crafted is a trusted NYC videography service serving businesses across industry and size. As a full-service videographer, our concept to delivery expertise is the most time- and cost-efficient solution for many businesses.

We are natural collaborators and understand niche needs deeply to deliver videos that meet the creative brief and contribute to your business objectives. The magic happens at our NYC office – design and development work is managed entirely in-house and nothing is outsourced.

In a media-saturated world, only the best videos make an impact

Audiences interpret images and stories on an emotional level. A thoughtfully crafted video strikes a chord with the target audience and inspires them to take the desired action. The videographer’s goal is to present emotive images that the audience absorbs fully, and can hopefully recollect in the future. Meaningful videos have an impact and are especially beneficial when you want to create urgency (e.g.: a limited-period offer) or communicate your brand values with clarity and purpose.

As far visual communications go, nothing beats a quality video in creating the right impressions and urging people to think, feel and act. As one of the best videographers in NYC, Crafted has what it takes to realize your brand vision and support your business goals.

Digital Storytelling: The blurring lines between videography and cinematography

Cinematography and videography are both slightly different disciplines. Videographers are most closely associated with cameramen/camerawomen or camera operators. They usually work alone and take responsibility of other elements of production, much like a ‘one-man team’.

Videography services are commonly provided at weddings and conferences, with the videographer’s goal being to capture the key moments as they are occurring. There is no time to prep for a style or creative direction, although the best videographers in NYC deliver an accurate representation of the significance and mood of the event.

Cinematographers have more freedom to plan how to tell a brand story or sell a service. They have time to flesh out aspects such as intimacy/distance between the video’s subjects, intensity of light, camera angles and positions, and the little details that can have a big impact.

In this sense, a cinematographer can produce meaningful, curated moving images that benefit from a pre-video shoot understanding and narrative. As a cinematographer’s work is more creatively molded and receives the contribution of several talented members of a typically large crew, the output also tends to be potent.

So, does this mean you’re better off hiring a cinematographer for your business video? Well, if you want your video to capture aerial shots that provide a panoramic view of the outdoors or need a specific visual aesthetic that a cinematographer can capture more effectively, you should consider videography services NYC.

On the other hand, if your video does not require aerial drone photography or a near-cinematic effect, videography NYC services will do just fine. DSLR cameras and high-tech video equipment have become accessible to videographers, enabling them to produce results that come close to cinematic images.

One of NYC’s top ten digital agencies

The Crafted team has a flair for visual storytelling that combines the best aspects of videography and cinematography. Whether you seek digital video production to tell a compelling brand story or digital video animation to convey an idea, concept, product or service easily and unambiguously, we have you covered.

Our team is led by Director and Executive Producer Lucas Chu, whose stints at Fuse TV and Smuggler, a premier video production company with a roster of award-winning directors, make him the go-to guy for beautiful video-cuts that always impress our clients and keep them coming back.

A look at our NYC videography services

Creative video content

The competition among businesses to dazzle their audiences with rich video content has only increased in recent years. Besides being professional-grade, brand videos, creative videos, marketing videos, video teasers and sizzle reels need to strike a chord and differentiate your company. We can assist with all types of creative video content to soft-sell your brand and motivate viewers to learn more about you

Television spots

The competition for ad space is fierce and your ad needs to impress right out of the gate to make a difference to your topline and generate good returns from your marketing investment. We leverage our 50+ years of television commercial and broadcast film experience to enthrall your audience and make you a household name over time.

How-to demo videos

Video marketing on social media has exploded in recent years. This makes it even more important to stand out from the sea of competitors and make your presence felt. We produce how-to demo videos that grab your audience’s attention on YouTube and your website and social media accounts.

Social and Mobile

Regardless of whether you want to publish your brand video on your website or a leading social media channel, we can create a highly-targeted high-concept video that sells and generates positive buzz for your company.

You have no more than three seconds to capture the interest of your mobile audience. More and more, businesses are producing effective digital content that you can serve as a sponsored video post or a digital ad.

Keep engagement rates high

The next best thing to experiencing NYC’s vibrancy in-the-flesh is to view it on video. If you want to incorporate NYC’s urbanscape in your video, we’re the ones to call. We are intimately familiar with every nook and corner of the city, and allow the most apt sights and locales into your video to evoke the desired emotional experience among your audience.

Our video production process and state-of-the-art video editing suite ensures a streamlined approach to converting idea into action on small and big screens. We handle creative development, pre-production, production and post-production, so you can focus on the strategic aspects of your business and step in during the review and feedback stage.

We take pride in being one of the best commercial video production companies in NYC. For many of our clients, we’re the their one-stop source for business/brand videos across traditional and digital media.

Have a question about our NYC videography services? Please call us or fill our online form -– we look forward to working with you.

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Here at Crafted, we hold a passion for innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings them all together in one beautiful experience. We are NYC's top Video Production agency and are here to prove it to you and your team. Contact us a call today.




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