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Audio Workout App

As the #1 audio fitness app, Aaptiv gives you unlimited access to thousands of workouts and programs, created and guided by world-class certified trainers.

Crafted partnered with the Aaptiv team to help launch and rebrand their entire platform. We began by bringing new art direction, iconography and a vibrant new color palette to its website and digital magazine. The redesign helped organize all of Aaptiv’s content, increase user time and boost signups for the mobile app experience. We also helped define a CRM and digital marketing strategy to improve retainment and conversion.


Workout, Anywhere, Any time.

A fully responsive, mobile-first design spanned across all browsers and devices for optimal user experience.


Trainer-Led Fitness On-The-Go

From audio-focused training programs to digital magazine publications, Aaptiv has the community for the aspiring fitness fanatic.

Next-Level Traffic

Increased traffic to the digital magazine by 200% Y/Y

The conversion rate dramatically increased from the new brand experience and customized fitness category landing pages.


Everything Crafted designs and develops has the mobile user in mind. In today's world, we're all on-the-go, especially when it comes to working out and staying fit.


Custom Experiences

Audience-focused pages to help you achieve your goals, with the help of your favorite trainer and power song.


A Connected Community

The digital magazine featured custom workouts and healthy dietary tips and recommendations for audiences at different stages and levels of fitness.


A Digital Health Magazine in Your Pocket

Trainer tips, tricks and fit dietary advice all live on the Aaptiv Magazine, a community of professional guidance to the online audience.

Fast Results

Increased keyword volume by (136x) in just over a year

SEO spiked within the first year of the re-launch of Aaptiv's new look and feel.


Digital Acquisition

Conversion landing pages supported the launch of the new Aaptiv digital experience. Each page was tailored to specific trainer-led workouts and fitness categories such as Running and Pregnancy.

One App. Many Trainers.

Users could choose from a team of world-class, certified trainers to guide them through their toughest workouts.


All From the Best Trainers.

The Aaptiv trainers are the heart of the platform, taking users through their routines with intense, motivational programs and high-energy music tracks.

This Is What Fitness Sounds Like

The all-new Aaptiv app. "This Is What Fitness Sounds Like".


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