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Powering Up a Global Leader

With the #1 battery brand in the world launching it's brand-new, most advanced Optimum coppertop product, its digital presence was set for a long awaited overhaul, heavily geared towards the long-lasting, extra power life of its new campaign. Crafted was excited and up for the challenge of bringing awareness to the evolving brand story through a more robust, product and program-focused North American digital platform.

Addressing all pain points, Crafted ultimately designed and developed a fast-loading, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use branded shopping experience with the story of Duracell at the forefront.


Brand Storytelling at the Core

Working closely with the Duracell digital marketing team, Crafted designed the new experience completely centered around the lifestyle of the brand and the impact of its products on the everyday consumer in their everyday life. From gaming to computing to home improvement, the benefits of the globally renowned coppertop hero were brought to life on campaign pages and in-depth product pages full of beauty shots, rich video content and a checkout system to choose your seller of preference.


From Products to Programs

Each page of the new was meticulously designed to drive home the importance of having a reliable battery in your everyday devices. With the brand story baked throughout the pages, all signs pointed to product pages and "buy now" conversions.


Enhanced E-Commerce Pages

All product category and detail landing pages were designed to be super informative, yet streamlined, allowing users to easily navigate and purchase without the clutter of typical product pages. Beautiful photography, video thumbnails and helpful ratings and reviews of the over 130+ Duracell products helped users find the right battery for their needs.


Built Around the User

From our extensive and thorough discovery phase comes our detailed and strategic User Experience process. Each page is designed to create a wholistic platform to educate the user and help steer them in the most appropriate direction based on their needs.


35% Increase in Traffic

Within the first two months of the re-launch, site traffic increased by more than 1/3 of the previous traffic from an increase in SEO optimization and supportive digital marketing across the web.


Socially Integrated Initiatives

In addition to the newly designed, robust product pages, Duracell's philanthropic and safety programs were also a staple in the new site. With the rollout of their new Lithium Coin Battery Safety campaign led by Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson and the PowerForward battery generated truck fleet, Duracell's outreach not only touched those on the social front but also the real world.


A Completely Fluid Experience

Not only is it important to be mobile-first when it comes to design, it's also just as important to retain the same experience for users without compromising information for a smaller screen. We approached this diligently, ensuring users would receive the same experience on desktop, tablet or mobile, without missing out on the good stuff.


Mobile-First Design Approach

With the majority of today's website and E-Commerce traffic being mobile, Crafted was sure to design the overall experience from a mobile-first, fully responsive approach. All call-to-actions and products selectors were optimized for phone screens, as well as load time set at lightning fast speeds for the consumer on the go.

Instant Impact

2x Purchase of Products

Almost instantaneously, the overall number of checkout purchases from the newly enhanced, harder-working product pages across the over 100+ batteries were doubled. Purchase vendors included big box and digital stores: Amazon, Staples, Best Buy, Target and more.


Custom Imagery and Visual Language

As the revamped site took on a fresh new personality, a custom iconography language was designed to give users an intuitive product selector tool that could work from all devices and screen sizes. The classic Duracell product line was recreated through clean, beautiful graphics that represented the categories of devices powered up by the infamous coppertop brand.


Immersive Brand Content

Full-bleed video and photography spans the website, creating a relatable, almost tangible experience between users and the brand. The connection between lifestyle and product brings together the brand and E-Commerce tools in a seamless way.

Still on Top

The #1 Battery in the World

Building upon the strong standing legacy, the new site redesign solidified the top battery across the globe, in-store and online.


All On One Powered-Up Platform

After a fully extensive strategic discovery and redesign process, Duracell's new home brought together campaign lifestyle with product integrity in a harmonic way.


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