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Melillo + Bauer

Landscape Architect

Melillo + Bauer Associates is a leading landscape architecture firm, designing and developing some of the most impressive urban scapes in the New York City area. The firm was in need of a long overdue redesign of their digital portfolio. Through immersive photography and video project assets, dynamic mapping coordinates and a wealth of industry awards, a robust showcase was built to portray the capabilities and craftsmanship behind the architectural giant.



Fully Responsive Design

The entire digital experience was carefully built to be full mobile responsive, across all screen sizes and optimized web browsers.


Masters of Their Craft

The Melillo + Bauer team has an impressive portfolio of stunning, high-end architectural locations which made it easy for us to really show them off.


Structural, Yet Beautiful

A well-balanced layout between beautiful project photography and elegant whitespace allows for the work to breathe and speak for itself.


Immersive Photography

Hero photographic shots of the on-location landscapes bring the beauty and aesthetic to life in a full-screen approach.


All About the Firm

Team leadership photography was taken to build out an informative visual grid of the talent behind the work. A dynamic blog integration also keeps users up to date on the latest news and projects coming out of Melillo + Bauer.


Stunning Project Views

Each project built by the firm has a unique personality and style which is brought out through the lifestyle photography of each outdoor space.


Amazing Results


Let's Work Together


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