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Crafted was approached by the New York Times to UX, design and develop a fresh new approach to their International Digital Corporate Subscriptions page.

So we created a customizable, responsive experience that catered to all industries, highlighting the benefits of a New York Times subscription. Visitors can select their interests and enjoy a personalized experience with unique, relevant content, bringing to life the perks of being a corporate subscriber.



All the News, Fit for Your Screen

The full subscription platform was built from a mobile-first approach, ensuring the most optimal viewing on all screens, from phones to tablets to desktops.


Engaging Content

From a high level, the offerings and benefits of the New York Times Corporate Subscriptions were highlighted and brought to life through strong visuals and in-depth descriptions.


Verticals, Brought to Life

Within the digital experience, users were given the ability to select their industry verticals to explore an informative dive into the relevant services and offers to their employees and institutions.


Beautiful Content

The New York Times has some really impressive photography and visual content. This was leveraged to immerse the users in the scenes of the verticals.

More News, All the Time

Increased Subscription
Sales by 33%

With the new Corporate Subscriptions digital experience, subscriptions were up initially after launch. The easy-to-use experiential subscription selector made it clear and simple for users to acquire the answers they needed and the best fit subscription model.

The Acquisition Funnel

As users drove down the page, learning about their industry and the New York Times subscription benefits, the page continuously conformed to the selections and interest of the user, ultimately serving up the most appropriate, recommended plan.

From Around the World

Enhanced Site Traffic

Visitor site traffic doubled from users around the world after the launch of the new subscription selector. Website engagements consisted of educational and corporate institutions around the globe.


From Leaders of the World

Politics, Corporate and Publications.


To Performers of the World

Media, Advertising and Technology.


The Resulting Subscription Plan

User subscription plans were packaged up and delivered nicely in a clear, infographic-style way.

Staying In The Know

More Informed Readers

Ultimately, as subscriptions went up, informed readership grew. A knowledgable reader is the best reader.


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