Website Design Trends For 2021
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Website Design Trends For 2021

Website Design

Website Design Trends For 2021

June 17, 2021

With rapid growth in businesses everywhere, it is not enough to simply build a website in 2021. In order to stay ahead of your competition, it is vital to have an online presence that reflects the latest trends in web design. If you are in search of inspiration, here we shall take you through the top website design trends for 2021.

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Trend #1: Parallax scroll effects

Incorporating animation in websites is a trend that has been popular for many years. In recent years, parallax animation has received more attention than any other design because of the way it separates various elements on your page to create an optical illusion for the viewer.

Parallax scroll effects use the background as well as the foreground in creating an immersive experience for every person who visits your website. The key to using these effects is to ensure that your users do not get distracted by the important information on your website. Limiting them to a small screen area and having an option for visitors to turn off effects are recommended for making the most out of these effects.

Trend #2: 3D designs

The prominence of 3D designs rose rapidly with the advent of screens having high resolutions. 3D visuals can be inserted into web pages with minimal text and appealing colors to enhance the user experience. These visuals enhance text when situated against or next to it.

These designs deliver the most impact when placed within minimal layouts. A combination of 3D elements such as shapes, gradients, and shadows can be included to make your screen more fun and lively.

Trend #3: Abstract artwork

Of all website design trends for 2021, this is perhaps the most eye-catching. Though abstract art in physical formats has traditionally been on display at museums and galleries, it is being widely used virtually by startups and the tech industry. Web designers in 2021 are including abstract artwork into complex designs to signify freedom of expression.

Abstract art can enable your website to feel more energetic and alive. Instead of traditional photographs and illustrations, abstract figures including geometric shapes can be used to evoke emotion and represent a sophistication. With abstract web art, you can attract the attention of every visitor and use icons to direct them through different sections on your website.

Trend #4: Simple colors

Subdued colors can give a natural look and feel to your website. The nature of work in current times is largely digital, and too much attention to your screens can cause strain to your eyesight. Blending neutral colors with design elements can be refreshing for your visitors and relaxing for everyone’s eyes.

In 2021, web designers are attempting to break away from the traditional white and dark modes that tend to dominate screens. They are trying to find a compromise by using soft color palettes involving muted colors such as off-white, peach, light brown, etc. Not only do these color combinations break away from the monotony of white and dark schemes but they also offer much-needed relaxation for the eyes.

Trend #5: Retro font styles

Web designers have always used font styles such as sans serif for their simple composition and legibility. In 2021, designers are continuing to rely on the sans serif font family and other classic font styles.

With screen sizes becoming bigger, there is room for decorating them with more fonts than was possible earlier. This transition has given web designers the opportunity to experiment with elegant font styles since they are easier to read. Font styles such as Georgia and Times New Roman are being experimented with and given a modern touch by web designers.

Trend #6: Neumorphism

Neumorphism is an approach to design that embodies aestheticism via drop shadows while surrounding them in neutral colors. This approach enables designers to create a virtual appearance where a user can almost touch the object being displayed on the screen. This helps to enhance the visitor experience and allow them to feel more connected to your website.

Neumorphism is a website design trend that has been receiving much attention lately from designers. In 2021, it is emerging as an icon of virtual minimalist realism by allowing designers to re-introduce experiences that were lost amidst the popularity of flat design concepts.

Trend #7: Collage art

Collage art traces its origins to the French art movement called Cubism. Though it is popular in print, digital collage art is not as easily found. In recent years, it has seen some growth which can be attributed to social media channels including stories and news feed content.

A mix of illustrations cropped and arranged into set shapes improves the visual appeal of any website. You can use collage art to highlight facts about your business, such as an upcoming event or an ongoing sale. Since a collage is likely to capture the attention of every visitor, you can place it near crucial information for maximum impact.

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