Why Clubhouse Is The Latest Digital Fad For Social Media Influencers
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Why Clubhouse is the Latest Digital Fad for Social Media Influencers?

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Why Clubhouse is the Latest Digital Fad for Social Media Influencers?

March 1, 2022

Just when everybody thought technology has peaked, a new player entered the field. Years ago, no one could anticipate that technology would take humans to the moon. Yet, it has! If not for the brilliant and innovative minds at work, who should we really give the credits for the advancements in technology?

Genius minds have successfully transformed the world into a global village from shopping with a click to watching virtual videos. Talking about this, one must surely not forget the social platforms and applications that play a crucial role in connecting people across the pond.

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The Rise of Social Media

Take, for example, Facebook. When Facebook opened its arms to the public on 26th September 2006, the world was taken aback by its potential. Soon it went on to become one of the most used social platforms.

As a result, nobody now misses out on the latest updates about the world. Users are so engrossed in the application that it has become part and parcel of their lives. Isn’t it the same for Instagram too? Since its inception in 2010, it has created hype among its users. Scrolling through the Newsfeed has almost become a holy ritual. That said, many players have managed to get themselves a good position in the top lists of social media applications.

You may run out of food choices when you visit a restaurant, but you will never run out of options while choosing a social platform to promote your talent. One such player who silently entered the market is Clubhouse. It has blown the minds of its users, especially, social media influencers. If you are wondering why the application is creating so much hullabaloo among people of all ages, here are a few things that you ought to know about the app.

Just another social networking app?

Those who are wondering why Clubhouse has become a great deal in the digital world must know it is a unique amalgamation of the past and the present. How do you ask? Clubhouse focuses mainly on social audio, which means that no more downloading tons of pictures or waiting for tiresome live video streams. It can remind people of the good old days before the Internet: talking and sharing ideas. On top of it, Clubhouse’s moderated nature makes it more engaging for all those who desire to communicate their thoughts to others. The app has features that allow the chartrooms to disappear after the discussion ends.

It is simple! You download the app and choose a room from the variety of options available. After you enter a room, the audio gets automatically turned on. The best feature is, participants can raise their hands when they want to speak. This means no chaos, no unnecessary chattering! However, if you wish not to speak and listen, you are more than welcome to do so. Many philanthropists, digital marketers, and entertainers have created rooms in this app to convey their message to the world.

According to a report by Digiday, around a million people use the app at least once a week. The simple yet engaging features of this app have attracted a lot of attention including, some big celebrities like Elon Musk.

How many feathers are in Clubhouse’s cap?

This audio-only social app managed to get the attention of Elon Musk. You can only assume what happened when he made an appearance there. For the record, his presence at Clubhouse broke the 5000-person room limit.

Users created live streams on other platforms to follow the conversation. How crazy is that? Well, if that is not enough, you must be delighted to hear who else was there! A-listers like Justin Bieber, Drake, Oprah Winfrey, and Kevin Hart have used the application to interact with their fans. Believe it or not, Mark Zukerberg came on the app at the beginning of 2021 to talk about the future of technology.

It seems that Clubhouse is becoming a star-studded place. It is all glittery and shiny! Not to forget that the app’s ability to bridge the gap between the stars and the commoners is what makes it more special.

Marketing Potential and more

So, it is clear by now that the app is user-friendly and star-studded. But can it be a good fit for brands?

By allowing brands to indulge in long-form conversations with audiences, Clubhouse helps develop brand identities further. As these conversations occur in real-time, it contributes to the authenticity of brands. That said, business owners who rely on interactive sessions with their customers, like education businesses, can utilize this opportunity to reach more audiences. All they need to do is, schedule a room in advance, and share the link across other social media platforms.

A report by Social Media Examiner shows that attorneys are able to gain more clients by using the app. The dedicated rooms help them to share their expertise and insights on different topics. The conversations help clients to value the discussions, and in turn, benefit the host.

This seems to be a primary advantage for brands that want to grow their customer base. Discussions can help increase community connection. Once you choose the right topic, you can undeniably, become the winner and drive home an immense amount of popularity for your brand.

Once Clubhouse announces advertising options, it will be a bonus for businesses across the world. Currently, many are sponsoring rooms in Clubhouse. However, according to media reports, the app has plans to make the advertising option more formal and systematic. It means that entrepreneurs will be able to promote their rooms within the app. Additionally, it will enable them to add branding features in their profiles, like URLs, which will boost their presence.

Call to Action- Social Media Influencers Pay Attention!

The question of the day is how and why is Clubhouse impacting the social media influencers?

Think of it like this: You no more have to bother about the way you look or what you wear. You don’t need to master video editing skills or choreograph a new dance to highlight your value in the world. The app does not care if you have a photogenic background or a face. It simply does not give much attention to the visuals. After all, visuals can be deceptive, can’t they? It boils down to one simple fact: how well you connect to your audience using your speech. If you can convey your intended message appropriately, you take away the prize!

Therefore, Clubhouse allows influencers to offer ideas to their listeners. Influencers do not need to worry about typing content within the limited character restrictions. They can discuss the philosophy that they believe in; what makes them the person they are. Influencers get the opportunity to share their unique perspective with followers.

Influencers who are still struggling to rise to fame and have not yet received the chance to highlight their journey can surely benefit from this platform. It does not matter if you are a business leader or an aspiring influencer, you can pour your heart out on this platform.

As the wise people say, the more you learn, the more you grow. Influencers can also embark on the journey of learning by joining the incredible community on Clubhouse. Aspiring artists who are passionate about their entrepreneurial endeavors can use the app to gain more customers beyond their original demographics.

By using the app, influencers can also help audiences to know the real person behind the short-form personas in TikTok videos and Instagram reels. The connection, therefore, becomes strong. You can tell a story and bring it to life by sharing minute details. Most importantly, the app allows influencers to rely more on their speaking skills instead of face or fashion. It can help reinvent the true meaning of social media influencers.

To be or not to be on Clubhouse!

Wondering if the app is just a shiny new toy in the market? You might need to think about it twice. Why do you ask? The charm of the app lies in the fact that it allows its users to share their views. No more distractions of videos, pictures, or clips! On other social media platforms, users generally engage in picture sharing than building a connection with their audience. However, on this platform, users can indulge themselves in listening and speaking. This kind of connection opens up a new possibility of bonding with the consumers. With all its potential, Clubhouse can become a valuable asset for future marketing.

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