6 Tips For Designing An Effective Landing Page
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6 Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page

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6 Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page

December 18, 2020

Landing pages are not the same as your business website’s homepage. A homepage gives a general overview of what your company is about and what products or services you are looking to sell. Landing pages are far from specific and niche and deal with a particular segment of content that aims to help you achieve a short-term goal. For example, a SaaS company can create a landing page for one of their CRM products, say CRMX, which clearly talks about all features of CRMX, and also has a CTA where leads can directly opt to subscribe to the service.

The focus is not on selling all products of the company for as long as possible, but to market one particular product heavily and drive up the sales for it. This is just one example of what a landing page can be about. You can have a landing page to get more subscribers for your mailing list or newsletters, or you can even have a landing page to get people to sign up for a Webinar or download e-books.

Whatever be your purpose with a landing page, it is important to design them strategically and properly so that you can have maximum engagement. This will, in turn, help you sell more and drive more profits for your company. You need to be clear and concise with what your purpose is and then set out to add content and graphics that drive the point straight home effortlessly without beating around the bush. To make sure that you are on the right track and aren’t doing anything wrong when preparing a landing page, here are 6 tips on how to design an effective landing page that brings in great engagement levels and profits.

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  1. Determine your goal carefully

You need to be clear with what you are trying to achieve out of your landing page. You cannot include a plethora of information on the landing page and expect it to work wonders. Your information needs to be concise and to the point. This is why you need to know your goals well. If you are aiming to build a bigger subscribers list, choose to design a sign-up landing page, whereas, if your aim is to advertise a product and sell it, prepare a products page that can redirect interested customers to the checkout page of your business, where they can pay for it and buy it instantly.

  1. Cater to your target audience

The idea is not to include information that you think is relevant but to include the one that your target audience will need in order to make a purchasing decision. Moreover, you also need to try and sell them things that they actually need. You cannot try and sell roller skates to a group of 50-year-old people. This is why you need to determine your target audience, segregate them into different groups depending on what they are more likely to buy, and then prepare separate landing pages that have highly specific and targeted content.

For example, if you are a cosmetics company looking to sell skincare and makeup products, determine the different groups of your target audience. Prepare a particular landing page for teenagers who might need products to tackle their acne breakouts, and prepare another landing page highly specific for young working professionals who need sunblock and moisturizing products, and then go on to prepare a third landing page for aging men and women looking for anti-aging products. Do not try to include all three categories of information on a single landing page. Prepare these three different landing pages and then target your audience accordingly.

  1. Tell stories but drive the main point across well

Storytelling helps sell better. When we talk about providing clear and to the point information, we do not mean bland and boring product descriptions, but innovative and engaging descriptions that tell a story. People engage with stories well since they can relate to them, and feel that if they buy this product, their stories will finally have a happy ending. Make sure that you are describing your products well and expanding on all the important information that a person would like to know about the product before they make a purchase. This brings us to our next point of writing compelling copies that don’t just have stories but also structure.

  1. Write a well-structured copy

Landing pages require great structure to make them compelling and engaging. This is why they need an attention-grabbing headline, a simple and informative body of text, a CTA or Call To Action clearly placed on the landing page so that they know exactly what to do now that they are interested in your business, eye-catching images to capture and spark their attention, and a footer where you can include your contact information in case they have any doubts or concerns. Another great idea is to include customer reviews or testimonials to build a strong case for yourself.

  1. Include discounts and promo codes

When you are trying to drive sales and profits, you need to create a time-bound experience where you tell them that they would miss out on something great if they didn’t make the purchase soon. A great way to do this is by including discounts and promo codes for a limited period of time. This is also beneficial in standing apart from your competitors by offering your customers something that no one else is offering.

  1. Do not forget to carry out A/B testing

It is crucial for you to try out different versions of the same landing page and check which one works better. Even the slightest change in your heading, images, or even the placement of your CTA button can boost sales tremendously. This is why you need to make sure to carry out A/B testing before you release the landing page to the entirety of your target audience. Test different aspects of your landing page such as headings, body, images, CTA text, placement of CTA, redirection or navigation links, and even the placement of promo codes. This gives you more insights into what is working and what isn’t, and you can easily change your landing page accordingly.

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