Disadvantages You Need To Know About Website Builder Platforms
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Disadvantages You Need To Know About Website Builder Platforms

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Disadvantages You Need To Know About Website Builder Platforms

May 17, 2021

Website Builder Platforms are a great tool for people who are not tech-savvy enough to build their very own website from scratch. You can also save a lot of money by not having to hire a web developer to build the site for you.

However, it also comes with a couple of hiccups which can culminate to become a big problem if you wish you choose to go with a generic website builder. Not to forget that these sites have a lot of restrictions in terms of design and layout. So if your brand demands something beyond their list of templates and design, you shall have to compromise on it.

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Without any further ado, let’s look at some common disadvantages of using website building platforms: 

Constant updates

Please remember that trends are continually evolving in the modern world to support and help the user.

Organizations have to keep checking their site’s dashboard whether the theme or plugins needed to be changed regularly. It’s something that the company may overlook due to certain other tasks that have to be reviewed and revised regularly.

Remember as for such technological advances, there would be bugs and mistakes. Your site can suffer faulty links or even collapse.

Extra charges for specific needs

Many functions cannot be customized in terms of appearance or performance. Let’s imagine you have a holiday rental form and you need to know if the client is taking dogs. To add an option like that for pets you might be expected to pay exorbitant fees.

There may be an additional charge on such integrations or functions for many other examples. Consider paying a one-time charge or a subscription fee if this is the case.

Ownership of website design

Since you don’t own the site’s design, you cannot truly own every aspect of your visual brand. Moreover, you will have to start over from scratch if you ever decide to switch to a website builder or a similar online service provider. This can cost you both your time and your money.

Search engine ranking

Website builder applications lack certain Advanced SEO strategies if you have a long-term SEO approach. The use of non-structured and jumbled codes is popular among website designers. This hurts your on-page SEO, which is supposed to make you improve search engine rankings like Google. The problem is that when you use any website builders to create your platform, you don’t have power over the code; you only have design control. Google favors pages that are well-organized and adhere to a certain hierarchy or grouping. Keeping Google pleased will allow you to achieve a high ranking on the search engine.

Even after using the best website development software, you won’t be able to create a decent site architecture that is SEO-sensitive.

Most website builder platforms do not allow for the addition of an additional URL stage, so we are obliged to make it all randomsite.com/seo, skipping the /additional stage, which is a major setback in terms of site design.

Slow loading times

Due to all of the added extensions, oversaturated libraries, and codebases, DIY websites are still sluggish.

However, those aren’t the only factors that can cause the website to load slowly. Your website’s pace can be affected by large pictures, a lot of text on a list, and inadequate hosting.

Your site’s loading speed is critical. You want a quick-loading website so that your visitors don’t get frustrated and leave. That might cost your customers as they won’t ever know what you have to sell.

Lack of personalization

Since you’ll be using models that a good number of people are using, the platform would look like a lot of other pages if you don’t personalize everything. Spend the time to personalize as much as you can to overcome this. To make your website stand out, experiment with fonts, colors, images, and copy. You will have to pay a small fee to delete the website builder system’s name and logo.

A restricted number of pages

A free web host creator account has a cap on the number of pages you can make until you sign up for one of their subscription plans. Some places will let you have up to five accounts, and others will only let you have one or two. We all recognize that having less content means having lesser keywords, which means fewer clicks and less traffic. People like to read on pages that are constantly updated and progressing.

Security concerns 

For many consumers, security is a major concern. Since these website building platforms are the most commonly used content management and propagation system, it is a perfect target for hackers and criminals. Its high dependency on plugins created by a variety of people often raises the risk of malicious code infiltrating the site’s functionality.

Users must have their credit card number and mailing address when making an online purchase. When you gather this kind of confidential data, you need to make sure you have the right protections in place to avoid authentication theft and phishing attempts.

If you open your store on your own or with the help of an entity, make sure it’s set up to manage safe transactions (through SSL) to avoid fraud.

Transferring platforms is a tedious task

Most website builders do not allow you to upload or migrate the site to another platform because each website builder has its very own script and software to run their site, as well as HTML editors designed specifically for them. In short, if you’d like to get away from Website Builders, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Comparably time-consuming

Many professional web developers or website building firms handle all the aspects of the site for you, with a short brief from your end. And many of them have a somewhat comparable price to the paid website building platforms. They do charge a bit more, but it is comparable regardless. It is a common misconception that it is quicker to build your site with free web-building platforms.

If you want your site to have a polished look, simply building a site quickly might not be sufficient. When it comes to selecting the right color schemes, logos, and icons to use, menu layout, site design, and pages to create, good preparation is needed. Furthermore, a website cannot go live without real content.

So, in many cases, you do not save all that much time while building a truly professional-looking website on your own in a website builder.

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