Tried And True Marketing Moves From Days Gone By
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Tried-and-True Marketing Moves From Days Gone By

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Tried-and-True Marketing Moves From Days Gone By

January 19, 2023

With the modern world becoming more fast-paced and interconnected, business owners risk getting lost in the constantly changing landscape. By looking to the past, we can unearth marketing methods that have stood the test of time and which are still viable and effective when paired with some modern methods.

Here are some insights to help you along the way.

Old Fashioned Marketing Methods

Paper handout advertisements have been around for centuries and have never truly gone out of fashion. Flyers can be distributed door-to-door, through the mail, or left on windshields in crowded parking lots. Sending out postcards to members of a loyalty program can encourage them to see what new services you might have to offer. You can even send clients reminders of upcoming appointments through the mail for a personal touch.

Small incentives can be handed out with purchases to encourage your customers to return. Coupons attached to your receipts give shoppers a reason to return for a bargain, which will net them an additional coupon on their receipt. Giving stickers or simple branded trinkets to minor children will make your business appear friendly and inviting. Parents are also likely to spread the word about your take on customer service.

Print ads and physical publications are perhaps the most common and effective classic advertising methods. Few things are as attention-grabbing as a billboard, but you can augment such a marketing campaign with yard signs, print ads, or similar hard-to-miss displays. A full-page ad in your local paper may not have the reach of an online banner, but many people prefer its visceral and tangible presence.

Physical printed ads can carry more emotional weight for those viewing them while being far more straightforward and secure than their internet counterparts. Your old-school methods can be paired with modern advertising paradigms to facilitate effective but nostalgic marketing campaigns. Particularly clever print content can be uploaded to the internet in the hopes of being spread like a viral post.

Conversely, local newspaper ads can use online imagery or meme formats to appeal to the current culture using somewhat outmoded technology. This synergy can combine the efficiency of modern methods with the charm of doing things the old way.

Useful Professionals

Marketing professionals build their careers around the success of businesses like yours, so their advice can often be precisely what you need to market your venture effectively. Trusting the insights of the Crafted team will point you toward which older advertising methods may still be effective and which should be abandoned for their modern, digital counterparts. Web designers can help you move your customer relations onto the internet while focusing on maintaining your classic, personal methods of promoting the company.

For attention-grabbing logos and banners, you may want to hire a graphic designer. Compressing JPGs to an email can affect their image quality when sending images back and forth with a designer. When emailing multiple images, consider using an online JPG-to-PDF converter. With this tool, you can put all your images into a single file without losing quality.

Despite the pressure on business owners by modern advancements, there’s still plenty of room for some recently forgotten advertising strategies. Understanding what your company needs to accomplish and which marketing methods will support those goals are just as vital as your general business structure.

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