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The Value of Video in Content Marketing

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The Value of Video in Content Marketing

November 15, 2017

There are plenty of mediums out there that work well for marketing. However, “video” is one that simply stands out. After all, the TV commercial pretty much changed the way businesses perceived the average customer and the TV commercial itself became a weapon of choice for marketers.

The magical effect of video-based content continues to this day and the only difference is that it’s evolved even further. From the days of TV commercials, we’ve slowly crawled into the era of YouTube and Snapchat videos.

Video is effective because it’s versatile and with today’s technology, easily shareable. Audiences just lap up anything that’s in video format and the mobile revolution satiates their endless need for the next viral video.

So, it’s obvious that if you’re a business looking to penetrate further into new markets, video should be the number one tool in your marketing toolkit.

Some Statistics

Let’s look a few statistics that answer our question as to how well video-based content is actually doing.

  • There are about 75 million people watching videos on a daily basis and that’s just in the United States.
  • In one study, it was found that simply inserting the word “video” in the subject line increased the click-through rate by 13%.
  • Around 80% of all internet traffic by the year 2019 will constitute videos.
  • Almost half the videos that are viewed today are viewed on mobile devices
  • 2 minutes seems to be the optimum duration time for an effective video. These videos happen to experience maximum engagement.
  • YouTube, the internet’s largest and most popular video portal, has around a billion users. That’s one-third of all users on the internet as a whole. Users consume about 500 million hours of video on YouTube per day.
  • 82% of the users on Twitter watch video content

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So, as you can see video is a big deal.

Video, since its invention, has been known to have a deep impact on the human mind. You see, most of us are visual learners. What that means is we learn better through pictures and if those pictures happen to move, things are even more effective.

As attention spans continue to get shorter, the average customer doesn’t have the time and isn’t even interested in going through paragraphs of text. Textual content is best used for very specific purposes. For everything else, video is your best bet.

Video can communicate your core messages in very little time using audio-visual elements. For instance, just think of how popular Vine videos were at one point in time. These videos were just 6 seconds long and they still managed to strike a chord with viewers.

In fact, let’s look at a few more reasons why video marketing is awesome!

Increased Engagement

Like we said earlier, visual content has the ability to get people more engaged with what they’re seeing. Statistics tell us that video content sees about 10 times more engagement than other forms of content. So, if you’re planning to engage with your customers sometime in the near future, consider video.

Better Optimization

So, you wrote an interesting blog about your new product? Well, did it get the engagement you expected? How high was the share rate?

The answers to those questions are probably not the ones that get you excited, right? We aren’t saying blogs are bad. They do have their purpose. But, when it comes to blog vs. video, video wins hands down. People simply prefer video.

Another thing to consider is that it’s much easier to track engagement with video because of the inherent feedback loop. When people watch a video and if they really like it, they’re going to share it. For text-based content to be shared, it has to be extremely inspirational. On the other hand, videos can be downright silly or quirky and they’ll still get shared.

As a result, it becomes much easier to identify drop-off points, measure click-through rates, and check viewership figures.

To put it simply, it’s much easier to know what’s working and what isn’t with videos. The insights you gain through video engagement can help you fine-tune your future video marketing efforts and maybe, even your multi-channel video marketing campaign.

It’s Not That Hard to Create a Video Today

Video has always been an effective medium. However, small and medium-sized businesses would avoid it because it was just too expensive. But, that’s not the case anymore. Technology has evolved to a point where video creation and production has become far more accessible.

Our smartphones can shoot high-definition videos and the fanciest editing programs just cost a few dollars. The only real investment you have to make is in acquiring the skill to create high-quality video content. So, even if you’re a small business, video marketing isn’t something you should think twice about.

It’s more affordable than ever and the returns are bound to be impressive.

Higher Conversion

Video is known to boost conversion rates like no other. According to a recent study, around 70% of marketers agreed that video conversion rates were much higher than that of other content mediums. Take a look at that figure once again – 70% higher!

Is there any more doubt as to why video isn’t the right tool for you?

There’s More Video-Friendly Technology Out There

Technology has evolved to a point where a large chunk of consumers has access to the hardware necessary for watching videos. In other words, most people are viewing videos out there, which is something we have already discussed.

But, interestingly, the high rate of video viewership, in turn, is causing technology to evolve further in favor of video and that’s fantastic news for marketers.

The time is ripe for marketers to cash in on the power of video right now. It is the in-thing and it’s going to be the in-thing for years to come.

Better Search Ranking

Adding video to your website can also boost your ranking in the search results. In fact, your chances of showing up on the front-page Google results can increase by 53 times, according to a Comscore study. Making video content, one of the most power tools for SEO, SEM and overall brand awareness.

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