Common App Development Challenges During App Development
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Common App Development Challenges During App Development

App Development

Common App Development Challenges During App Development

June 28, 2021

App development is among the fastest-growing areas within the tech industry. With rapid technological advancement, companies are investing heavily in app building. This allows developers to experiment with features and designs while simplifying and upgrading the user experience.

Yet, there are persistent challenges that impact the development of apps. Let’s look at some common issues that you might encounter during the app development process.

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Challenge 1: Not understanding the requirements of the user

Determining the needs of the user is the most important consideration when it comes to developing an app. Every app should satisfy at least several user requirements for it to be useful.

There is tough competition in every industry, and it can be challenging to develop something that users will notice. To make your app useful, you need to understand what customers are looking for. You can perform an audience survey to determine people’s interests and how you can keep that into consideration while developing your app.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself prior to building an app-

  • What gap(s) in the market can my app fill?
  • What is the goal of creating this app?
  • Which features will the app offer users?
  • Will this app be different from those being offered by my competitors?
  • Is this app easy to use?
  • Has anyone else made an app similar to mine?

Challenge 2: Talent gaps

App development often requires skills that are spread across different organizational departments. For instance, you might need engineers, web developers, designers, and others to collaborate for designing a tourism app.

In such cases, you may discover that you do not have enough team members with the right skills to develop your app. Such gaps in talent can delay the process of creating your app.

To avoid this from happening, talk to your client about their app requirements and inform them in advance about any obstacles which might be there in meeting their requirements. Being honest about your team’s capabilities can help to avoid confusion later.

You could also choose to outsource or hire new workers to help design parts of your app. Though it might be costly to employ more people, it could improve the overall functionality of your app.

Challenge 3: Issues with security

Security problems within your app can be problematic for developers and users. Malware troubles can cause hardware or software decay which require time and effort to resolve. Users’ personal information can get compromised if an app is not secured.

While developing apps, creators need to ensure that there is no chance of a breach in security. You might need to hire experienced professionals who can ensure that your app is protected from every kind of threat. Poor security can lead to negative reviews from customers and massive losses in revenue.

Challenge 4: Delays

App development projects encounter all sorts of delays. These tend to impact the speed with which you design and produce an app. Larger apps often face more issues during the development process because of the multiple parts involved in creating them.

You can avoid delays from happening through capacity planning. As the developer, you need to be aware of your skill and resource limitations and plan the capacity of your project accordingly. Avoid overestimating the capabilities of the app development team or the time that you require to create the app. Developing a realistic plan can help prevent delays.

Another way you can prevent delays is by manufacturing high-quality apps in stages. By producing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the first time, you can work on gradually adding more features to apps that you can release in the future. This will enable you to produce multiple apps in a timely manner and encourage customers to expect good quality apps from you.

Challenge 5: Poor choice of platform

Since there are many operating systems today, app developers need to design their app in such a manner that it operates on different devices. It should also be compatible across different operating systems. Limiting app presence to a single platform reduces user access.

Most developers struggle to design an app that is accessible across various devices and screen sizes. They should avoid developing apps that fit on one screen size or device. An efficient UI/UX design will enhance the appeal and clarity of the app and make it accessible to many users.

Challenge 6: Resource consumption

Financing is a major issue when it comes to designing complex apps. The nature of the app influences its cost. For instance, if you are designing an app for a delivery service, it might cost you less than if you are trying to launch a social media app with the latest tech features.

As a developer, you might have design ideas that you could struggle to implement if you do not have sufficient capital. Search for investors who would be willing to invest in your app. You may also obtain a loan or collaborate with a partner to raise funds. Ensure that you have sufficient resources to design an app that would yield a positive return on investment.

Challenge 7: Unfamiliar market

Remember that any app you design should reach as many users as possible. To achieve this, you need to understand your target market and determine whether you can reach beyond your traditional users. To appeal to users with varying interests, it is essential to have a business plan that includes market analysis and an outreach strategy.

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