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Video Production Explained Step by Step

Video Production

Video Production Explained Step by Step

May 14, 2020

Video production is not as simple as it seems to be. The process of video production is complex and takes a lot of time and effort. Shooting a video is a big part, but that is not the only step in the entire production process. There are a million details that you need to look at to make a successful video that reaches out to millions. Ignoring even the most minor detail can lead to your video not coming alive on the screen. Due to the advancement of technology and high-quality video streaming, flaws and errors are prominent in the screen. You need to be right at the top of everything to be ahead in the game.

For creating a video, we have put down a stey by step tutorial. Following these steps will help you in the video production process, and you will be able to create a professional-looking video.

Here are the eight steps that you must follow:

1. Come up with a concept

When thinking of video production, the first thing that you need to do is think of a concept. You cannot proceed with the production without first having a concept in mind. You run a risk of delivering a video that does not resonate with your audience if you do not have a concept ready. There is a possibility that the video fails to achieve what you intended to do.

Ask yourself some vital questions that are crucial to the success of your video. What is it that you want to achieve with this video and what is the message that you want to deliver to the audience. You need to know the answers to these questions before diving deeper.

Failure to achieve this first step could lead to a failure in your marketing strategies.

2. Write a proper script.

Now that you have the concept ready in order, the next step in the video production process is to prepare a script. Sit down and take your time with this step. A script is that part of the video that can either take it to a successful height or dip it down the dark depths of failure.

Prepare a script that resonates with the idea behind your video. It should be easy to understand and should fit into your video’s time. When writing the script, do not forget to consider changes that may happen, such as changes in camera angles, wardrobe, or background.

3. Pre-production planning is important.

Pre-production planning is essential for the smooth running of shooting. Some of the vital parts of the pre-production planning include finding a suitable location, getting any necessary permits, procuring video equipment, and going through the script. You must also spend some time conversing with the actors about their roles, making a budget, and finally choosing the day and time when you want to shoot. These are some of the most vital functions you must take special note of during pre-production planning.

4. Shoot the video before delving further.

Shooting a video is the most crucial day in the whole production process. It is the day you create magic with a camera. The shoot day has a million tiny details that need special attention. If you did your job thoroughly on the first three steps, shooting would go smoothly. But if the first three steps were not thorough, this big day would be one filled with frustration.

5. Editing is vital

Shooting a video is only the beginning of an intricate process. After shooting comes editing. No video is perfect, and it is this step that gives it the perfection we see on screen. Editing enhances the quality of the video, makes it sound better, and gives the video a professional feel. There are several editing software available to help you edit your videos with ease. However, they only let you do basic editing. A poorly edited video will not have the same impact on the audience. If you are looking for something more than basic editing, you must seek professional help. A professional video editor has a critical eye and has enough experience to give you an effective and professional video.

6. Video coding

You should apply proper codes to your videos if you want them to be successful. Having a proper code increases the chance of better reach of your video. Proper coding helps in maximizing the distribution of the video across various platforms. Your audience should be able to watch the video on their smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.

7. Distribution and optimization of the video

The second last step in the video production process is distribution and optimization. Optimizing the video increases its visibility and helps distribute it on the right platforms. Optimization means adding the right keywords and adding the right content to the title and description of the video. You must also add the right category and use appropriate captions to the video.

8. Promotion of the video

The final step in the video production process is the promotion of the video. Promoting a video increases its reach and garners audience. Depending on what goals you have, you can promote the video on several social media platforms, adding your video to an email newsletter, and sharing it with a local news station.

These were the seven essential steps that you need to follow to get excellent results. As you can see now, video production is more than just hitting the record button on your smartphone or camera. It is an art that needs to be learned with precision. Before you shoot the video and publish it online, you should take care of every minor detail that could hamper the success of your video. Cover your basics, that is of utmost importance. After you are ready with your concept, know the purpose your video is going to serve and have all equipment ready for shooting. Being thorough with all the steps gives you a solid headstart when you finally reach the filming stage.

The sooner you understand the concepts and apply them to your videos, the quicker will you see the results coming alive in front of your eyes. Follow these steps to conquer the mastery of video production. The art of successful video production is at your fingertips with these steps.

Video Production

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