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Crafted is an NYC-based Digital Design Agency that creates beautiful Brand Videos that leave a lasting impact on your target audience’s mind.

Brand videos can play an important role in spelling consumer behavior by clicking with the end-consumer’s self-image. Through a masterfully-crafted video, you can communicate your brand’s ideas and thoughts to your end consumer and help them connect with your idea, thus creating a strong brand recall.

Data has shown that about 46 percent of consumers have actually purchased a product after seeing its brand video, and about 32 percent have considered making a purchase. Brand videos make for an excellent tool to increase brand awareness and reach, especially given the wide exposure people nowadays have to social media platforms.

A brand video that clicks with the audience has the ability to be shared and even go viral making the brand an overnight success. However, to make this happen, your brand video needs to be crafted with finesse. It should tell a story that speaks to your end consumer. It should appeal to their emotions in a way that makes them feel connected to your brand and finally, make it a part of their life.

Help your Brand ‘show’ to your consumers the value you see in it

It is always easier for people to believe and understand things that they ‘see’ better than what they have read. It also helps imprint a lasting memory in their minds rather than a piece that has been simply verbally communicated to them. A video that tells a story speaks to your consumers by transporting them to the world you are ‘showing’ them. It works much like a live demonstration, but instead, you have the power to craft your brand video as an experience and an emotion, rather than a technical demonstration or advertisement of your product.

The present and the future of brand videos

With the use of social media on the rise, brand videos are increasingly making their way into people’s lives and becoming an important decision-making factor that helps them decide if they want to invest in your brand. Studies show that about 193 million people in the US alone, watch one online video at least, in one month. This number shows the immense scope that awaits brand videos and how companies can wield the power of this potent tool to expand their customer base and business.

Creating the perfect Brand Videos needs expertise

Where there is scope, there is competition. Given the increasing demand for brand videos in the market, the continuous churning out of videos has diluted its impact. The only way to battle this dilution and competition from rival brands is by creating videos which leave a lasting impact and have the power to go viral.

Digital storytelling services from one of NY’s best

When it comes to differentiating your brand’s voice and story with an exceptional brand video, the Crafted Team has your back. Our team has a flair for creating artful brand videos, that not only touch hearts, but also make it a major engagement tool for your brand to grow and thrive.

We craft brand videos that evoke emotions and positive responses that are important to build your brand’s awareness and engagement efforts. Our highly collaborative team takes your creative inputs and turns your words into a vision that your audience can see and relate to. Your ideas and offerings coupled with our skill at digital storytelling will help spin a tale that your consumers will remember for a long time.

Still pondering if you need a brand video?

The world is seeing a surge in content, all sorts of content. Consider this:

  • Nearly, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day.
  • Currently, 3.7 billion people use the internet
  • Approximately, 4,146,600 YouTube videos are watched every minute.
  • These are just a few statistical bytes of the very many available which go on to show the power of content and how it has taken over, not only the internet but also the lives of the internet users, across the world.

    More companies are turning their long-form content to smaller 30-second videos to help make their content offering more attractive to their end consumers, while not diluting the message they had in first place. Accompanying long-form content with brand videos, provide your target audience with the liberty to choose which form of content they want to consume. Your brand video is an excellent way to attract them to your landing page, your offline store, your social media page, or to whichever location you want to drive traffic to.

    Popular brand videos like Volvo’s “Moments,” Apple’s “Animoji Yourself” which have enjoyed millions of views followed by a strong brand recall and a subsequent spike in sales, is something your brand deserves, as well.

    Your brand has a story, a thought, a compelling idea, which needs to be communicated to your end consumers in a way you see it and make them believe that they can benefit from your brand, as well.

    We take pride in being one of the best digital design agencies in NY with an impressive roster of clients and a portfolio that has garnered much attention and appreciation. We believe our team can create a unique visual experience for your consumers which will go on to create not just a brand recall, but a memory and an example, for years to come.

    Have a question about how our brand video creation service can enhance your consumer’s brand experience? Contact us to learn more. Please call us or fill our online form. We look forward to working with you.