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Cinematographer Services NYC

May 26, 2016

Crafted is one of the top cinematography service providers in NY. Our team of talented cinematographers, with a wealth of experience in both pre- and post-production films and marketing videos have got what it takes to give your brand the beautiful expression it needs.

Marketing in today’s world is no longer product-oriented. It is all about customer experience and engagement. The only way to elicit a response from your consumers is to tug at their heart with a message that has been artfully packaged and delivered.

The message could be how your product or service benefits them. It could be trivia related to your service or industry. It could, in a way, communicate the values your brand represents through a masterfully crafted script. It depends on how exceptionally your thoughts are given shape through branded content.

Touching the emotional chord

Emotions play a big role in a person’s decision-making ability. In fact, neuroscientists, too have often talked about how decisions are emotional rather than logical. In today’s world when people are being bombarded with quintillions of data every day, it is difficult for any content to last in a potential customer’s memory for longer than half a minute.

The only way your brand can make an impact is by adding value to the lives of consumers, teaching them something important, helping them experience an emotion that will be there with them for longer than just half a minute.

Audiences today are looking for authenticity and aesthetics, two qualities that only talented cinematographers can make happen with the right skills, tools, and experience.

A brand video created by our team of cinematographers will not only convey your message to your target audience, but also keep them hooked to your brand for more interaction and they would want to learn further about your brand and offering.

Our highly-collaborative team, learns about your brand and sees it as their own with an empathetic approach. Your brand video is not just an assignment for us; it is our opportunity to use our talents and skills to create a work of art and deliver on the authenticity and aesthetics, the target audience is looking for.

Branded content pulls your customer rather than pushing your product

If you have ever wondered how the expertly crafted movie trailers pull throngs of crowd to the movie theatres; it is because those 10 to 20-second videos are giving the audience a cinematic glimpse of what is waiting for them and what they do not want to miss.

Similarly, when it comes to your brand, a talented cinematographer can create an impressive cinematic experience for your target audience, which will be way more impactful than an explainer video or a short introduction video.

Outsourcing cinematography services

Companies might consider building in-house cinematography services for creating their branded content. However, the costs and investments involved for the same would be way higher than hiring cinematography services from the pros who excel at it and have all the right tools and professionals to give your vision for your brand the right wings.

Right from ideating a storyline, to finding and prepping the subjects our cinematographers know how to tell a story through the lens while sticking closely to the technical aspects of cinematography.

Cinematography is a matter of passion and patience. It requires skill in multiple areas, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Location
  • Storytelling
  • Aesthetics
  • Detailing, and more

While companies can always go for an in-house cinematography set up, hiring an agency service can help them in creating branded videos as and when required rather than worrying about resources not being utilized or maintaining them while they lie idle, saving on both costs and ensuring you receive expert assistance.

Cinematography can set your brand a world apart

Artfully created brand videos often leave a subtle yet deliberate mark on your customer’s mind. When rightly executed, your target audience will experience the ‘aha’ moment that all brands want their customers to experience, with their branded content.

Right from short documentaries that pose you as an industry expert rather than advertise your product, openly, to crisp and impactful advertisements that with their fun jingles “earworm” their way into your target audience’s mind, so that next time they are at the aisle trying to decide on which product to pick, the earworm from your branded content jiggles and they pick your product from the shelf.

Capturing emotions through the lens

What might be perceived a simple task of a video recorder and two people talking about a product could actually be far more complex. Right from the lighting on the subject’s face, to their tone of voice, body language, the shadows that are cast around them and their own, each micro detail goes a long way in creating a memorable and emotional experience for your target audience. These are matters that a talented team like ours can handle with the finesse it deserves.

Cinematography is considered to be a costly affair, but the truth is the ROI it provides is far more than the initial investment it receives, almost always. Branded content, specially branded videos are forever.

The innovative, soul-stirring Super Bowl Ads every year are not just a work of smart idea but also of masterful execution. That is what your brand needs. A team who can see the idea behind your brand and the value you see in it to create a masterpiece using our skills that communicate to your consumers your thoughts and ideas in the way you want it to.

If you would like to know more about our cinematography services and how it can help your brand reach more people and create a lasting impact, please call us or fill our online form so that we can discuss this further and hopefully craft you a beautiful and winning content for your brand.

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