Tips To Give Your Live Streamed Video A Studio Like Quality
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Tips to Give Your Live Streamed Video a Studio-like Quality

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Tips to Give Your Live Streamed Video a Studio-like Quality

January 7, 2021

Content sharing has now become extremely popular. People all over the world are using a variety of different platforms to share their thoughts and ideas, while also engaging with like-minded viewers from across the globe. Today, live streaming has emerged as one of the most popular ways to share content on the internet. With the number of broadband internet users rising by the day, along with the more affordable video equipment options available in the market, live streaming sure looks like it’s here to stay.

While content is king always, it cannot alone save your live streams each time. In order to give your content a boost, you need to up your streaming production quality. Oftentimes, we come across live streams that have very grainy and dark images, or a shaky, disturbing noise in the background. These small details take away from your content and leave the viewer distracted throughout your live stream, which ultimately does not deliver your intended purpose.

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There's no doubt that live streaming will soon be the future of content sharing. Live streams offer real-time engagement and take very little time to produce, making them a highly sought-after medium today. As you will not be able to edit out any blips, later on, you want to ensure that you have the right setup for filming each time. Investing in the right camera equipment, and looking out for other details like lighting, sound, and more will help you create the ideal space for filming. If you invest in creating a space that offers studio-like quality, your viewers will surely appreciate the efforts you put into your live streams. Ultimately, your brand will come across as professional and reliable, and these qualities are surely beneficial to any business.

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If you are looking to get more views and bring in more people to your live streams, you need to upgrade your stream quality. Here are some tips on how you can achieve a studio-like production quality with just the bare minimum –

  • Choose your space wisely

The space you live stream from is just as important as the audience you live stream to. Your live streaming space should be reflective of the image you wish to portray – be it that of your brand or of yourself. You should invest in a good studio space where you can live stream each time. In case you are unable to get a dedicated space, you can easily make do with what you do have. Choose a nice, quiet corner of your home or basement and transform it into the studio space of your liking.

Another very important aspect to keep in mind is continuity. You should opt to live stream from the same location every time you go online because this will help your viewers easily distinguish you from the plethora of other creators out there. A distinctive backdrop or design element will surely make it easy for your viewers to remember you.

  • Get good lighting

Ask any Instagram-lover or camera aficionado what the single-most-important requirement for good photos and videos is, and they’ll have one guaranteed answer – lighting. Investing in the right type of lighting can make your videos look a hundred times more polished and professional. Regardless of whether you’re filming in front of a window with lots of natural light, or from a dim-lit corner of your house, you will need to choose some lighting gear that will make your subject look good.

A majority of the lighting equipment available in the market today is LED-based. You will find a lot of the equipment enabled with settings that provide you with a bright and natural daylight look. For starters, you can make use of one key light source along with some fill lighting to instantly elevate the quality of your video. You can also adjust color temperatures for a more refined look.

  • Quality camera equipment

Being an audio-visual medium, one of the most important aspects of getting superior quality videos and images is a good camera. You will find plenty of camera options that will suit your budget as well as your video needs. Beginners can start off by using a camera that can capture HD videos in 1080p 30fps at the very least.

If you opt to live stream from your laptop or desktop directly, the in-built camera device on your system will not be the right match. You can instead opt for a USB webcam, which can be connected to your computer. This option is also more economical for those who are on a tight budget.

  • Sound is key

Considering that live streams are meant to share thoughts and ideas, it is very important that your message comes across as clearly as possible. Investing in separate audio equipment can help you fulfill this purpose. The audio is a lot of live streams is usually tarnished because of unnecessary background noise, voice distortion, and a lot of movement. When filming a live stream, it is best to choose an external mic to ensure that what you’re saying is captured perfectly. You can either choose bulky desktop microphones or a boom mic in your live streams, provided you have space and the assistance to keep it working correctly. If you’re looking for a more low-key option, you can invest in a lavalier mic. These small microphones can easily be clipped into your shirt, and the thin wires can easily be concealed underneath your clothing.

  • Tripod mount

A tripod will help you get a stable video and can help you adjust the height of your camera based on where you are sitting. A lot of the tripods available in the market today also have an option for mounting smartphones and GoPros, so you can be flexible with regard to which device you use to film your live streams. These tripods also come with a Bluetooth shutter button that helps you conveniently start, pause, or stop your video. With a good tripod, you no longer have to fix up your webcam or camera position to fit correctly with your space limitations.

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