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March 29, 2018

It’s been said a thousand times, but there’s nothing wrong with saying it again – video content is the future of marketing. In fact, we would say that video is already the number one marketing tool. As the meme goes, the future is now, old man!

Video is no longer a strategic tool used by large enterprises or tech-oriented startups. If you’re a business of any kind, size or shape, you need to start taking video marketing seriously. There are a number of reasons why.

We can create any type of product video you want!

Crafted is a highly recognized name when it comes to Product Videos in NYC. So, if you’re looking for product videos that translate into a bigger bottom line and improved customer retention rates, Crafted can help.

We have a skilled and experienced team that can create any kind of product video you want. Do you want an explainer video that talks about the various features of your product? Or, do you want direct response videos that draw your customer further into the sales funnel?

Whatever it is that you want, you can be sure that our stellar product video team will provide you with the best results possible.

Crafted is excellent at the collaboration game, and we deliver according to client expectations. So, visit our website or fill out this form for more information.

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The numbers say it all

According to a study conducted by Animoto, around 73% of customers are likely to purchase a product after they’ve viewed an explainer video about the said product. Around 71% of customers state that video content influences their perception of a brand, which is often on the positive end of the spectrum.

So, if you’re still hesitant about creating videos for your products, you need to start seriously reconsidering things. Product videos are important, and there’s no time to be sitting and thinking.

Product videos are the best thing that can happen to your business

There’s a misconception that videos are just a trend. Now, a trend is anything that has superficial appeal but offers very little in terms of effectiveness or impact. On the surface, video content might seem like that. But, in reality, it’s far from being just a trend. It’s much, much more.

Unfortunately, many businesses still under-utilize product videos. This is shocking considering just how beneficial product videos are for businesses and their customers.

For starters, they offer customers a more in-depth view of the product. You see, one of the biggest challenges in sales is to convince the customer that the product is good. How do you do that when a customer isn’t willing to step into your store or if your store exists only on the internet?

Well, you resort to producing a product video. Videos allow customers to see the product in its natural state. As the manufacturer or seller, you can use the opportunity to give out a demonstration and show the customer how the product works. Plus, with today’s high-resolution video quality, the customer can even get a feel for the product’s quality. This can go a long way in convincing the customer and minimize uncertainty.

Another advantage with product videos is that you can show the product in the exact setting it needs to be used in. In other words, you can show your customers how the product fits into their lifestyle. Let’s say you’re selling extra-strong and durable covers for mobile phones or tablets. Now, showing how the covers can come in handy during certain situations can be very convincing. For instance, if your target audience is people who travel a lot for work in fields such as construction, you can create a video highlighting the benefits of using your mobile device covers in those environments.

This is far more convincing than just images or text.

Product videos build trust

Apart from offering a closer and deeper look at your product, videos also help build trust in your brand. Every business out there knows just how important trust is. In order for a business to sustain itself, it needs to operate on the foundation of trust. It is only when buyers trust a brand that they choose to patronize it in a continuous manner. Plus, it is far more cost-effective to retain old customers than chase new ones.

But, how does a product video create trust?

Well, it all boils down to the previous topic. Product videos provide an in-depth view of the product to the customer. But, it doesn’t end there. On a more subconscious level, product videos tell customers that your business is willing to go above and beyond to meet customer expectations. The very fact that you’ve invested resources into creating product videos for the customers’ benefit tells them that you’re committed to their satisfaction.

Needless to say, customers find this to be very appealing. More importantly, they see this as a sign of reliability.

Videos make you more visible on social media

Another major part of the digital marketing strategy is social media marketing. Interestingly enough, video plays a key role here as well. In the last few years, video content, especially with regards to product videos, has gone on to become a common feature on social media platforms.

This has opened up fresh opportunities for businesses to push their promotional strategies further.
Video works on social media because it is highly effective at holding people’s attention. The same cannot be said for text or images. So, once you’ve got people’s attention with video, it becomes much easier to draw them in further.

This is of critical importance because social media already favors posts from friends and family over advertisements.

So, now that you know just how important product videos are for your business, it’s time you started looking for a video marketing partner that can produce high-quality product videos. If you’re in NYC, Crafted is your best option.

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