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June 6, 2017

A video going viral is every brand’s dream. You too may be keen on getting onto the viral video bandwagon and leveraging the many benefits that viral videos offer. Crafted NYC is a video production services provider with extensive experience in end-to-end video management. We have worked with many brands across industries, helping them prep their videos for viral success.

If you’d like assistance with video production and viral video marketing, contact us today.

Five reasons why videos go viral

  • They are short and to-the-point

    Research shows that videos that are between 1-2 minutes long are watched more often than longer videos. If you’ve seen many viral videos, you’ll notice that most of them are short and convey everything they want to in a clear and concise format. If you want to create a viral video, keep the duration under 2 minutes.

  • They are optimistic and upbeat

    You may have observed that most viral videos that are really enjoyed by people are always upbeat, fun and optimistic. No tragic or depressing video ever becomes a viral sensation. If you’re planning on trying your hand at viral video marketing, make sure you choose a topic that’s enjoyable and entertaining.

  • They are engaging and interactive

    All viral videos work due to one factor – engagement. Makers of viral videos often insert themselves in the video to communicate with audiences or use other tools to actively interact with audiences. This high level of interaction and engagement is what keeps audiences hooked and entertained; leading to more shares and the video going viral. When you do start work on your video, make sure you keep the audiences engaged by including lots of questions, polls and other interactive elements.

  • They’re extremely weird

    Many videos that go viral, go viral because they either talk about lesser-known events or take an unexpected and weird approach to a topic that audiences already know well about. This unique format is what entertains and stimulates audiences emotionally and intellectually, leading to the video becoming a favorite and going viral. If you’re creating a viral video, make sure you take a unique or humorous stand which is worth taking notice of.

The Crafted advantage

Now that you know how viral videos actually work and why videos go viral, we’ll tell you how we at Crafted NYC can add value to your video marketing efforts.

Here’s how we can help you go viral with your video:

  • We can assist you with your brainstorming sessions

    Our job at Crafted NYC is to come up with spectacular, never-before-heard ideas for your next video production. That’s exactly what our team of creative writers and artists specialize in. If you’re keen on joining the viral game, you can count on us to help you come up with brilliant, actionable ideas.The best part? We work with you from start-to-finish and we consult you before we take any creative decision. This way we ensure we incorporate all of your ideas and needs into the frameworks we develop.

  • We can create empowering, entertaining and exciting video content

    Right from prop selection to storyboard creation to post-shoot editing, we can take over the complete end-to-end video creation cycle. We have extensive experience creating engaging and entertaining videos for companies of all sizes, across industries.We create videos in different formats and for varying durations. Take a look at our samples to see some of our work.

  • We can help you identify the ideal times for posting videos

    One of the main reasons why a brand’s videos don’t go viral is the mismatch between the posting time and the active audience time. Your audience is active only during certain hours of the day and if you don’t post your videos during these hours, the chances of your production going viral are slim.The staff at Crafted can assist you in identifying the time of day your audience is most active and we can help you create a video scheduling plan that can maximize your chances to go viral.

  • We can direct you towards your industry’s key tastemakers

    Your industry’s tastemakers can be anyone from celebrities to CEOs of multi-million dollar companies to micro-influencers. Our longstanding presence in the video production market and our experience working with key people from across industries allows us to identify the Who’s Who of your industry.We can direct you towards the right people who may be able to give your video the push it needs to go viral online.

  • We can help you identify potential sponsors and supporters

    Before you plan your viral video, it’s important to identify who will be most interested in partnering with you once your video does go viral. Essentially, these are the people who will pay for your video to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. It’s important to recognize who these companies or individuals might be so that you can make informed content and marketing decisions now.Our team at Crafted can help you understand (and improve) your video’s sponsorship potential through focused content creation.

  • We can upgrade your existing viral videos and keep them fresh

    Let’s say one of your videos does go viral. It won’t stay viral for long unless you supplement it with other more-engaging videos. This is where we come in. We can create fresh content for you whenever you need it. Our video production strategy will constantly be aligned to your organizational strategies and the brand image created by your viral video.

  • We can bring to the table years’ worth of viral video production industry expertise

    Finally, Crafted NYC can bring to you the vast experience we have in video production and in particular viral video marketing. This can be a great value-add for you. Our team of artists, writers, videographers and editors have worked on various, highly-challenging viral video marketing projects and we can bring your idea to life and empower you with the tools to make your video go viral.If you’d like to consult us for your new video production project and you wish to make it a viral sensation, feel free to reach out to us through our online contact form. You can also write to us for more information.

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