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Why Your Business Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Why Your Business Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

May 6, 2020

Social media has evolved beyond being just a platform used for forging connections and staying in touch. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide marketers unparalleled opportunity to reach virtually any Internet user no matter their location. Almost half of the world population is on social media.

Designing and executing an effective social media campaign that covers all bases will help improve your online presence. Businesses around the world realize the immense potential of social media. Big players in almost every industry already have a plan in place to leverage social media, while many SMEs are preparing to jump on the social media bandwagon. Having a social media marketing strategy makes sense now more than ever. Afterall, which another platform gives you opportunities to engage half of the global population?

Still not convinced investing in social media marketing is the way forward? Here are some reasons to help you make up your mind.

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Drives traffic

A substantial percentage of your target audience would be on social media. These are your prospects. To convert prospects into paying customers, you need to have them visit your website. This is where social media platforms such as Facebook come into the picture. Social media sites allow you to add a link that directs users to your website to your profile. You also have the option of including a feature that allows users to log into your website through Facebook. Whenever you post a new blog post/article, it will show up in the feed of followers and people who have expressed interest in your/similar products/services. This helps attract targeted traffic.

Improved brand visibility and recognition

Every business needs exposure. Having a well-designed, lightning-fast website won’t mean anything if your target audience doesn’t know that you exist. To get your business noticed, you need to create business profiles on different social media platforms. A business social media profile opens doors to new opportunities to share content and present your brand’s voice and persona. Posting engaging content will help create value and gain more attention for your business. Thought provoking and interesting content will not only help you create a positive first impression on your leads and new customers but also better engage your existing customers, increasing repeat purchase.

Improved customer experience

Good customer service is no longer good enough. The modern customer expects exceptional customer service. They hate waiting too long for answers. Businesses that are slow to respond to queries and complains run the risk of losing their customers to the competition. Earlier businesses used traditional channels to reach out to their customers. These channels have numerous drawbacks. In this digital age, building a social media presence is the key to improving customer experience.

Businesses from almost all industries have an in-house social media team that checks and responds to customer queries in a timely manner. Many businesses have customer service teams that reach out to customers to provide a sustainable solution to a problem that they’re facing. Additionally, you can use social media to simplify purchase decisions for consumers by suggesting products/services. To get your customers to rally around your brand, post informational content that provides value. Remember, happy customers, are profitable customers. A study found that customers who are happy with a company’s customer service spend 20 percent more. Improving your customer experience can open doors to new opportunities helping grow positive word of mouth and repeat customers.

Helps with SEO

When it comes to building a brand’s digital presence, the importance of an effective SEO strategy cannot be emphasized enough. Social media can boost your SEO in more ways than you could imagine. SEO algorithms place great emphasis on social media Posting informational and thought-provoking content regularly will help you get one step closer to your goal of getting a high search engine ranking. Re-sharing evergreen and new content will help drive traffic to your optimized pages, causing them to climb faster in search rankings. To save time, use a tool that lets you set the entire month.

Helps you better understand your target audience

Social media can help you uncover consumer behavior trends. The information that you collect from social media can be utilized to learn as much as possible about your target audience-their likes, dislikes, hobbies, preferences, lifestyle, habits, needs, and favorites. You can also use social media to find out what sites your target audience visits and the types of posts that they frequently share. With these insights at your fingertips, creating content that drives traffic would be as easy as 1,2,3. The benefits can go beyond just increase traffic. Having a deep understanding of your target audience will help you identify their pain points, refine your product strategy, and increase conversion rate.

Helps build customer loyalty

Building a loyal customer base tops the priority list of every business owner. Today businesses around the world leverage social media to build brand loyalty. To get the most out of social media, you must come up with a well-rounded social strategy. Make sure your voice is aligned with your brand persona. Engage your target audience by providing them a seamless outlet for communication. Reward (can be an offer, a discount, or advanced access to content) users who regularly engage with your brand. Organize contests or have special promotions for your followers. To create a community, encourage your target audience to ask questions and then answer those questions. After building a community, continue focusing on customer service.


A study found that the cross per thousand impressions on social media can be as low as $2.50 (almost three times more cost-effective than advertising). A separate study concluded that almost 84 percent of marketers were able to improve traffic by spending just six hours on social media every week. Even running paid ads on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is much more affordable than other channels.

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